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above by aiRaGe above by aiRaGe
Warning: This painting might be more or less "cliche". After all, i could at least retain myself from adding spaceships or stuff like that.

This image is based on an older sketch which started out as a cloud painting practice. I finished this over the last 3 days in around 14 hours, 100% handpainted in Photoshop with a Wacom Intuos2 without any reference material or Textures. This may be a little too heavy saturated, but i like pretty & powerfull colors :)
I've decided to put up a Wallpaper version to show some detail and maybe some of you would like to have this on your desktop :D

I hope you enjoy it and i would really appreciate if you drop me a comment. Thanks :nod:

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Daily Deviation

Given 2005-10-21
above by *aiRaGe - "it is spectular. the colors are beautiful. Love it!" is what :devdestiny952: enthused about this great piece and I think it eloquently sums up this great wallpaper! ( Suggested by Destiny952 and Featured by zilla774 )
ulriksen Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
it's cool.
the future is now
kittykat828 Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2007
I love the color of the smog. especially the how it lights up when the sun hits it.
Holonat Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2007
Beautiful! *cries* =D
undercover90 Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2007
That's a very great work!!! I belive it!
CrystalSerenity19 Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
Really cool and amazing 0(^.^)o
makehimdream Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2006   Interface Designer
Amazing. That's going to be my background for sure.
DFadler Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2006
fuelfreak108 Featured By Owner May 7, 2006  Hobbyist Photographer
holy shiz
Oroni Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2006
The red smoke looks somewhat like a dragon, if you can see it...
Sun-Seeker Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2006
Just taken it out of my favs for a desktop on my widescreen laptop.. thanx :sun:
ameaperson Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2006
it look futuristic. and i love it as my desktop
Axe-Canabrava Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I want to eat those clouds OuO
Shamu0447 Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2006
that's really sweet!!! taps
eit Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2006
i love your art...tell do u do these works!?
Firewielder Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2005
Makes me wish I had a Wacom tablet....and talent...
tAKTelapis Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2005
whoa... i feel i could fall into the image, and choke on the atmosphere before i hit the bottom... absolutely brilliant depth to the image.
LiontamerVGF Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2005
Kind of Blade Runner-ish. I'm a big fan of black and red, so this was absolutely perfect to me. Great attention to detail and lighting; just masterful all-around.
luckylooke Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2005
:o Great! Wonderful! It took my breath... :)
Alien-base Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
to bad i added to many to my favs this night, if not this was probably the best i've seen tonight. I am amazed by the speed you learned photoshop
eRality Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2005
Extraordinary! Amazing colors and clouds. I really like the glowing quality of the lights in the buildings too. <sets as desktop>
Miyato Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2005
absulotely amazing - your landsapes and building arts nothing short of awe inspiring ^^
I look forward to seeing future works of yours ^^
Gulloh Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2005  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wow:wow: thats cool
MissM69 Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2005
Excellent job love the futuristic look of it :)

btw is a bit late but congratulation on the DD :clap:
PatGoltz Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2005  Professional General Artist
I really like your skyscrapers. They look painterly, and the style is excellent. I didn't find your spaceships. But that's OK either way.
daer0n Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2005
This is a very nice picture, i dont think the clouds are pixelated at all tho...
alexiuss Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
the buildings are interesting, but the clouds are waaaay tooo rough and pixelated.
work on your clouds, man!
designslave Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
At first glance, I thought that one of the buildings looked like a Playstation 3 :P Great job!
Realm-Of-The-Shadows Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2005  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Now i must know if you are accepting requests or commisions now!!!!!!!!!!
It'd also be nice to see some tutorials on how you do the art stuff you do!
I got a MASSIVE city that i cannot create yet, maybe you can help me out!!!
Eternity-Peregrine Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2005
:wow: This is really cool- what a great image! you totally deserve that Daily Deviation! :+fav:
Lord-Desolator Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2005
*jaw drops* Just legendary. I love sci-fi cityscapes.
Tano-neko-chan Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
:dygel: Very nicely done... the clouds are definatly my favorite part. :batty:
Annhiliation Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2005
woo nice one m8, im now so gonna make a future scape ;)

dragonslairnz Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2005  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is gorgeous. Really detailed, wonderfully done. Snagged as wallpaper!
teheimar Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2005  Hobbyist Photographer
Wow. It might be very cliché indeed, but on the other hand it's really cool.
I do indeed like it. Thinks you've made an really good image.

Maybe you should have added some more transparenscy to the smoke veils, that might have added som more realism. As it is not is looks more like toxic fumes from the planets (?) surface.
Thought is goes very good with the very sharp (in this context) bluishness of the structures in the image.

Well done.
Cool place.
Snipefalcon2 Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2005  Hobbyist Digital Artist
DinoGirl121 Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2005
Woah thats cool 0_0
Oniemas Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2005   Digital Artist
not a clice in any way :+fav:
Sun-Seeker Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2005
Thats ace M8 and I also want the spaceships.... big shiney colourful ones!
Blinxsbitch09 Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2005
You didn't do that...*you shake your head yes* OMG THAT IS SO FRIGGIN GOOD!!!
Day-Dreamer07 Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2005
Holy shit dude.....:omfg:...WOW. :wow:

greatly deserved dd....
Sinisterin89 Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2005
that is sick.I love these types of paintings and or drawings. They show a vivid imagination and it's a beautifull setting.
zabubu Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2005
awesome. almost too much red (for me anywayz) but i still love it. awesome work, i love all the detail you put into it.
artywakeel Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2005  Professional General Artist
simply amazing.. I love the cyan addition:)
gr job
reignofhavoklol Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2005
*cries and wishes she had your talent*
zc456 Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2005
This is amazing, very pleasing overall! I love it! Tis defely becoming my wallpaper. :+falove:
Bas7ian Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2005
Wow... reminds me of Fifth Element... very nice!
steo83 Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2005
I really like it!!!I made it one of my favorites...
EvilEgg Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2005
Wow. I love it. I'd love to live in a place like that
HentaiMen Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2005
it owns my friend....
Ness-du-Frat Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2005
this is absolutely awesome !!!!
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